USA vizsgálja a blokkláncban rejlő lehetőségeket

USA kongresszus gazdasági bizottságának éves jelentése egy egész fejezetet szentelt a blokklánc technológiának és a kriptopénzeknek (9. fejezet - 201. oldaltól):


Technology presents evolving challenges and generates new solutions. Blockchain technology essentially stores and transmits data securely, in large volume, and at high speeds. So far, the technology has proved
largely resistant to hacking, and given this feature, developers first applied it to digital currencies. Yet blockchain has many more potential applications, such as portable medical records and securing the critical
financial and energy infrastructure that the Report identified.


  • Policymakers and the public should become more familiar with digital currencies and other uses of blockchain technology, which have a wide range of applications in the future.
  • Regulators should continue to coordinate among each other to guarantee coherent policy frameworks, definitions, and jurisdiction.
  • Policymakers, regulators, and entrepreneurs should continue to work together to ensure developers can deploy these new blockchain technologies quickly and in a manner that protects Americans from fraud, theft, and abuse, while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Government agencies at all levels should consider and examine new uses for this technology that could make the government more efficient in performing its functions.

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